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Boire Law is a Leading Toronto Law Firm That Focuses Exclusively on Employment Law

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Over 20 Years Legal Experience

Wrongful Dismissal in Toronto

Wrongful Dismissal

Were you wrongfully dismissed from your job by your employer in Toronto?
Severance Package Reviews in Toronto

Severance Packages

Were You Offered A Severance Package By Your Toronto Area Employer?
Age Discrimination in the Workplace

Age Discrimination

Have you experienced age discrimination in your workplace?

Boire Law is a downtown Toronto Employment Law Firm representing both Employers and Employees on various employment law issues. Carol Boire has over 20 years legal experience and focuses her employment law practice largely on wrongful dismissal and constructive dismissal cases as well as discrimination in the workplace.



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Letters of Reference & Wrongful Dismissal

Letters of Reference & Wrongful Dismissal

A letter of reference is a key term in a wrongful dismissal matter. It would be prudent in most situations to include the actual letter as a term of the settlement. Attach it as an appendix, along with a provision that the oral references are consistent with the content of the reference letter. In some situations, it is stipulated that the oral references are confined to what is stipulated in the reference letter. This way you have made the reference letter and the oral references an actual term of the settlement.

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